Team Building

It takes a lot more than fish to reward a killer whale. Through the power of positive relationships, SeaWorld® has taken its teambuilding program to new heights. Now, groups wishing to start their team's path to success, can book this unique program we call "11,000 Pounds of Leadership". Over 30 years of animal training experience is behind this program. This experience offers:

  • A training session patterned after the Ken Blanchard, Thad Lacinak, and Chuck Tompkins’ book “Whale Done!” The Power of Positive Relationships”.
  • A one hour seminar by SeaWorld Animal Trainers on positive reinforcement
  • An up-close interaction, where your team dons a wet-suit and slips into waist deep water with beluga whales
  • Training at the world's largest marine animal classroom, SeaWorld San Antonio
  • A Behind the Scenes Tour of SeaWorld’s Zoological support area
  • Copy of "Whale Done Book"
  • Certificate of completion